Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Mahjong! 29 Oct

Maximum Concentration

An excellent weekend in town. Including me cooking dinner for the lads, then a visit to Trafalgar Square for Islamic EID end of Ramadan festival.

Sunday Roast at the lads place was lovely...ahh the pork crackling!!!! somehow talking about EID and Pork seems out of place in the same blog entry....nevermind.

Its been so long since I have played Mah Jong, but K has a set and we have a great time teaching
Chungking Express the basics of the game, check out the concentration!

Can't wait for more mahjong tournaments - now if only we could agree on a scoring system!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Back home...to Scotland

Andy at lunch

Autumn in the highland forests

A wee loch in the Highlands

I took the opportunity of not having my passport to travel back up to my 2nd home - to Scotland.

Andy kindly picked me up in his new 4WD and we drove up to central Scotland to enjoy the fresh air and stretch the legs. Good to be walking again. I've missed it too much! Autumn has truly arrived up North, its 10C cooler than London, the country is awash with yellows, oranges and reds. The purple of the hills really stands out this time of year, magic.

Perfect Scottish weather, misty, foggy, drizzle. Wouldnt have it any other way.

Brydie and Andy Mac were also visiting Aviemore at the family house and it was great to catch up with them, and get excited about their new life as entrepreneurs and big dog owners! Harry the retriever is gentle and energetic. Great enthusiasm and lifts your spirits.

People always are amazed by my love of Scotland, its the land and its people, that have my heart. My dear friends who are so real, so kind and welcoming, who share my passion of the outdoors, and provide such great perspective to the hectic city life I lead in London. I miss it there.

The next day I'm back in Edinburgh chilling out with Rory and Sarah, baby Cameron is running around on his tots now. Only a month ago he was crawling. Life is amazing.

He shows he his soccer kicking style and puts me to shame! His smile just lights up the room.

Was another great trip back. Hope to do more walking next time.


Happy Birthday to me!

Thanks for everyone who wished me well and attended Dinner in town, very much appreciated!

Funnily, this year my new age doesnt bother me so much. Not at all. Maybe cos I have realised I am where I want to be now and I'm ok with it. Maybe because I have made my mind up about where I want to be for the next few years...got new plans in my head, new goals, new challenges...Maybe I don't worry so much cos I am more optimistic about tomorrow. My restlessness has been abated. I'm ready to slow down abit and smell the roses rather than just take photos....Its a change I have felt recently, and gladly so.

Maybe I am just getting old - ha!

Special thanks to Cora & Sunny for making my day so special! I am keeping Hello Kitty!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Wandering London

Nike 10K run in Hyde Park

Sunny, after his run

Big Ben

Big Ben Taxi Rank

London Eye

The sunny weekend in London has meant perfect opportunities for me to take some photos of the town.

Sunny does the Nike 10K run on Sunday and Felix and I get to play with our cameras. If a fun day out. I learnt lots and had a great time wandering the town I am getting to know really well.

Moving Flat, 30 Sept

Dark street level view, but you get the idea. I live under the door...

Finally the day has come!

I'm moving again - this time to North London into a small basement studio flat. From now on I can walk to town and the commute will only be 30mins to work! Rather than the 90mins it was from Putney Bridge.

I take an early morning bus ride on Saturday to Baker Street to pick up the keys and do the inventory check, then out to Heathrow to pick up a hire car. The traffic is very heavy, but I am excited. Its two full car loads before I am all done, including my bike and 5 backpacks.

Thanks Mus and Keith for helping me move stuff in, much appreciated!

The first night and the street is loud, a street party gaggle of students stays up to the wee hours before singing happy birthday...I have the ear plugs in...hopefully not a sign of things to come.

Its fantastic to have the luxury of my own place again, the feeling of freedom is energising and exciting.

Also a sad good bye to Victor, who is returning to work in Hong Kong and Nick who returns to Sydney after a month here.

The next day isnt so great, Mus and Joe come around for a days touring to the New Forest....The traffic is so stupidly heavy that I give up after 2.5 hrs crawling to the M25...The large invigorating coffee we have keeps me awake til 2am too...but I am still so happy to be independent again!

School 10yr Reunion, England

10yrs on an still smiling

Vic & John

Mus enjoying the interesting bed in the B&B...kinky

The Official school 10yr reunion was to be 6th October in Sydney. We London-living boys decided to do our own little get together in England, as we would miss the big one back home. John, Mus, Keith, Victor and I hired a car from London and drove up into Central England.

Highlights included a cheery greasy spoon full English cooked breakfast, visiting lovely Bakewell and the Peaks District, including Chatsworth house. An enjoyable great British curry and good conversation made the weekend enjoyable and happy.

Special thanks to John for coming up all the way from Dordogne, France, and Nick for meeting up for dinner Sunday. Great to be with close friends and like minded souls.

I hope the 15th year reunion will be just as enjoyable!

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