Thursday, August 07, 2008

Cars at Silverstone, UK

Rory and I leave Edinburgh nice and early, the fog is dense and errie, but the forecast is for a warm sunny day further south, high 20s. Its hard to believe after a few days of autumn like Scottish weather.

It's good to be on the road again, through familiar roads leading to England. We pass the borders, green and misty, the fog lifts suddenly, bringing clear skies and vibrant colours. The charm and quaintness of this area never fails to get to me, I just love being in Scotland.

The heat builds, as forecast, us in non-airconditioned discomfort feel the full effects of it - together with the frustration of heavy traffic, we arrive at Silverstone 2hrs behind schedule.

During the heavy traffic Rory says "this is the reason why I live in Scotland", an apt observation.

We stay at a budget Travelodge, located 1 mile from the circuit. Its loud but comfortable. We meet some other Trackday members for dinner & a pint and chew the fat about cars and the track itself. It's the kind of pre-match blokey banter where one has to talk oneself down, eager not to be the bigheaded one.

The next day is track day. For Rory and I its much excitement to finally get onto the Grand Prix track after all those hours playing Playstation and PC games. It is a childlike excitement, very boyish.

We are alloted Grand Prix garages, the same ones used by the F1 teams.

I am issued my Press Cameraman bib and take a walk around the track to find good vantage points. With the Press bib, I can go nearly everywhere around the track. It's also like living a dream for me - to be a F1 photographer.

The day goes quickly - me taking photos and video and Rory doing laps of the circuit. In the afternoon I get the passenger ride in Rory's car.

Its an amazing experience, seeing the lap for real, and in awe of the cornering grip of Rory's car, its great fun, he really does have some skill behind the wheel!

After the trackday, we decide to find the F1 car that has been testing on the inner track. We have heard the peircing scream of the F1 engine, but cannot see it.

We find them easily enough, an entourage of 20 people are required for 1 F1 car. Rory and I are lucky enough to be the only outsiders watching the testing laps. Itts the icing on top of a near perfect motorsports day for us!

Many thanks to Rory for organising the day and taking me down to experience it all


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