Thursday, May 31, 2007

St Pauls, finally

After much talk, Felix and I finally went and took night pics of St Paul's together.

Will miss the photo sessions with him and the others...

Monday, May 28, 2007

I will miss the Sydney people of London!

The gang gave me this lovely card - I had to share it.

Creative Design by the Urban Nomad!!

Its priceless to me.

I will miss everyone so much! Thank you thank you!

Saturday, May 26, 2007


Just one week left and the farewell celebrations are all happening!

Its been a great time meeting up with friends to say goodbye - til next time. The "House-Negro" cooked up a fine feast at his Uni digs, and it was a nice get together. Lillian's today was much laid back and relaxing, I think all of us are over worked!

The weather has been bad, but guests have been thick and fast. This week saw Mum & Dad leave on Sunday after 2 weeks, for Pierre (1 week) and John (2 days). Its great having the company.

All my boxes are packed and sent and I think I'm ready for the off...Its a shame it seems I won't be able to meet with many many others, but its one reason for leaving this place - there is never ever enough TIME!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Mothers' Day

Dad and I spent Mothers' Day on the lovely British Rail system for 14hrs to and Manchester for the football. Of course the track was under engineering work, of course we had to take a bus replacement, and of course it would take us 7hrs each way, rather than the 4hours as promised.

It was a once in a lifetime journey, and he said "never again"...ah the frustration of travel within the UK...

Great game though and we saw Manchester United hold aloft their Premiership Cup. Manchester itself was as I remembered it, grey, dull, raining and cold.

Meanwhile Mum was home alone struggling to work out my TV and digibox set up, only to be rescued by a package....
Thoughtful sister had used internet to order flowers to be delivered to my flat.
All in all a happy, but long day!

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Folks in London

Spot the Vegemite

On Duty

My folks are finally visiting, and its great!

Mum has taken charge of my kitchen, and I have already re-acquainted myself with her superb cooking.

They seem to be enjoying themselves very much, everything new and exciting to their eyes. Its fun.

After some jetlagged slumber, we headed off today to Tower of London with Melanie & Jo.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Rock at night from the Barracks, the Union Jack flies all day and night.

Both Worlds


Castle Steps, very Morrocan

Concert Hall in St Michael's Cave


The Rock and La Ligne (Spain) in the background

Like looking in the mirror...Ape on top of the Rock

Home Sweet Home for a week. The Barracks Block

This week saw me fly out to Gibraltar with the London Scottish Pipes & Drums to play bagpipes for a parade. Was a change to be living in Army Barracks again...I don't miss it!

Lovely sunny warm Med weather, lots of siestas, great food and company. A good time had, and a great relax.

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