Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Country Life

Pilot dog sitting in the warm sunshine, and the beginning of Summer on the terrace.

Tom & Eleri enjoying G&Ts on the Terrace after a day of entertaining guests.

France, Paris, Rouen and Bernay

Live Bunnies for sale in Bernay, right next to the veggies you will cook them up with.

Chit chat about choy.

Rich and juicy "Heart of Cow" tomatoes.

The interest in this photo is the young mother who is openly breast feeding her child whilst walking down the road.

Selling fleurs to the Parisiens, or are they the English? Very touristy in Bernay nowadays.

Eleri buying cheese from her favorite cheese stall.

Tom contemplates Olives, whilst being surrounded by Parisiens.

Rotisserie yumminess.

a "tete a tete" side by side chair, Eleri wants.

Man smokes a pipe, who does that these days? Pretty blue building too.

Wooden shingles.

London - Paris

Last of the box packing with Sunny and Cora, then it is off to France for me, via the Eurostar.

St Johns Wood is interesting for its subtle changes to other places I have been in London, mainly more rich Jewish people, Japanese and more poshness...from what I can see! Otherwise a superb location.

Daily activity includes going to Tescos for snacks, like Mr Porky, oink oink, Tescos finest yogurts and enjoying BBC 24 and the papers. So in love with the papers, I better enjoy them before they disappear. Word is they lose about 100 thousand dollars a day each...no wonder they want to make some money from online.

Our last meal is at Canteen for dinner, which is quite traditional Pommy nosh, but served up in a modern setting with organic produce fit for the yuppy. Tasty too! Lashings of Gravy.

Monday, May 17, 2010


London has been all about moving boxes and changing flat for Sunny & Cora. It's been a good workout, and their temporary flat for a week (as old tenant didn't move out on time....grr) was amazing. Right opposite St John's Wood tube and a 1920s type Mansion Block. Its a luxuriously large (by London standards) 2 bedder, with great views, you can see Wembly - and is bright and airy. We all loved it so much we tried to stay as many nights as we could. We have taken to calling it the "nice place". Their new flat they are moving into, is around the corner, so the location is just as good, but its much smaller.

St John's Wood itself is lovely, and would be a great place to call home. Lots of interesting cafes, I counted 10...and lots of choice for eating out or grocery market stores.

Otherwise, for me its been lots of time just spent resting after box moving and lounging on the sofa. Lots of eating out or delivery too. Tried my first Chicken Tikka Masala, had pizza from Papa Johns, and went out for Malaysian and Bodean's American BBQ!

1 day to go and then its the Long trip to Rouen via the Tube, Eurostar, Metro and SNCF...

Why did I pack so much?

Friday, May 14, 2010

London again

Different papers, same photo!
Reading for 4 hrs on the Train from Edinburgh to London. Something calming and thought inducing of train travel. The rattle and hum is so different from the noise and whirl of jet travel and the air pressure.

More Nuke reactors are on the drawing board in UK

Penny penny Elephant. Lots of these are popping up everywhere with different decoration and themes.

Retro chic. Keep Calm and Carry On poster is an impostor, apparently it was never used back in the day! So said some documentary on BBC the other night. Doesn't harm sales though.

Sunny Edinbugh

Wildlife pics in open air gallery in Edinburgh, St Andrews Square, next to my old offices on George St.

Same place but from behind

The walk up with Crags, fantastic views of Edinburgh, luckily a clear day

Holyrood Palace and Scottish Parliament

Scottish Parliament

Kilt Mugs!

Royal Mile buildings in glorious sunshine

The Castle

Andy & Hugh, like father like son.

Jo & Hugh

Rory, Sarah and Cameron, ice cream time!

Pinarello, commuting bike for our freezing cold ride through the suburbs to Forth Road Bridge, Edinburgh

Rory's go kart!

Crammond, Edinburgh, the causeway leads all the way to the island.

Jo & Hugh at Gullane Beach.

Scotland more iPhone

Hugh Brydie all rugged up for a walk on the beach.

Jo and Hugh at Gullane, note the Ugg boots Hugh has on! Cute

Sunny on our side - raining on Fife side (still wintery cold though)

Scotland by iPhone

New Trams are coming to Edinburgh, the only major change in town since I was last here in 2008.

Empty Northern Rock shopfront.

Sunny day brings out all the locals for a picnic lunch in the park.

The Crags at Hollyrood, just on the edge of town.

Berwick upon Tweed, taken from the train.
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