Saturday, August 25, 2007

A few pics from Causeway Bay & SOHO Dinner

A few snaps taken on the way home in Causeway Bay tonight.

From below a mirrored mall walkway bridge

Saturday Night, but no rest for the street workers

Night time, still Shopping Shopping Shopping, Causeway Bay

Here is my first attempt at B&W portraits...more the editing than anything really. Taken in a dark Japanese skewer restaurant in SOHO.

Mary & Maggie

Victor and I


Blogger Joe said...

I must remember to hide anytime you pull out your camera. B&W photography can be so unflattering!

11:18 pm  
Blogger j a s o n said...

It's the editing and lighting, I think...

I should be ok by the time you get here - HAHAHA

2:05 am  
Anonymous Keith said...

No Spaghetti House?

Victor's checks get fatter and fatter each year :p!

9:34 pm  

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