Sunday, August 19, 2007

Shopping in HK

The weather is milder being outside isn't as sapping.

Though today was spent with an old school mate shopping, after seeing new Bourne movie. Movie was great, highly recommended, looking forward to DVD already!

We went to my tailors and found them knocking out fully tailored high quality Paul Smith non Paul Smith prices....lovely! My mate got two...I am so so tempted....

Its funny, 3 yrs ago I wouldn't have cared let alone known the funny living in London made me more aware of fashion and branding, compared to the days of my quieter suburban life in Sydney.

Stephen and Roslyn at Dinner

The maids in HK have Sundays off and flock to Central to relax and picnic in the shadow of global brand names. The juxtaposition is always interesting to see.

Also at Central MTR station is the countdown clock for the Beijiing Olympics, 355 days to go!


Blogger Keith said...

Jean will be so excited ;)

8:06 pm  
Blogger Jean said...

But it's the wrong combination of people in the photo.
Okay, I am a little excited.

9:40 am  

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