Sunday, August 12, 2007

Some impressions, Hong Kong

The View from our Balcony in Kowloon Tong

Its been a week of jetlagged stupor, enjoying home cooking and a place to open the backpack to breath for a while. I've also organised a flat in Tsuen Wan, out at the western edge of the Subway line.

I've also been out looking for work, and the Interviews have been really tough! My head is still on holiday and its been a real mission to come back to reality of staring down the big barrel of Investment Banking.

Due to weather and energy levels, have not explored too much.

Some things I noticed so far though;

* Its damned HOT and HUMID, days now are averaging 34C and 90% humidity. Which means one must dress lightly. The thick English cotton shirts, with tie worn under Woolen western suits is not the smartest thing to be wearing out.

* Trail walking in the Jungle and hills will have to wait.

* I came in the middle of Typhoon season. These are rated 1-10 and work stops at T8. My first T8 warning came on Friday, so excited, and nothing happened, as the typhoon turned just before hitting HK...lots of rain and a cool breeze was welcome though.

* Everything is dead cheap vs London. I must stop converting to Pounds.

* Having 20 credit cards is a must to take advantage of any joining gifts and discounts available at every point of sale.

* cash is rarely used, for said credit cards above and the excellent Octopus card which is the Subway card, holds credit and you can buy many daily things with it, food, drink, car parking, train, buses etc etc.

* new Australian like plastic bouncy $ notes have been issued.

* Coupons must be held onto and saved up for freebies.

* Freebies are cheap, useless and take up space. But are nice and shiny.

* Freebies come with all large purchases.

* Old people really do tai chi in the early mornings, though some of it seems general waving of arms.

* Birkenstocks are a hit in HK. I feel very "with it"

* smoking in public places, even some parks is no longer allowed.

* all restaurant cutlery must be washed with hot water or tea before use...

* its important to have the newest gadgets.

* being a sissy nancy boy is ok, and in fact normal.

* the most physically economic way is the only way.

MTR (Subway/Underground)
- Boyfriends play Nintendo Gameboys whilst their doting girlfriends look on... and swoon.
- the trains work!
- its airconditioned!
- no one seems to read on them, possibly due to the swiftness of journeys
- i havent found a copy of Metro yet, but I have seen the people handing it out.
- its clean, oh so clean. (Joe I will kiss it soon)
- middle aged women will run from platform to platform to position themselves for a seat.
- longest wait has been 2 min for a train
- its built for short people (YAY)
- people walk really slowly. no one walks up the escalators.
- some scream on their phones...whilst others cover their mouths to the mic or whisper into bluetooth headsets.
- Full reception underground, naturally.

all in all LOVING it so far.


Blogger Joe said...

haha... now you can imagine how frustrating it was to move to London from HK!

10:22 pm  
Blogger j a s o n said...

Moving from hectic Nathan Road, TST to the relatively pastoral Seven Dials too!

Just a shame its so hot and muggy right now, otherwise I would venture out on day trips...Instead all I want to do is watch Planet Earth on TV !!

1:48 am  
Blogger Joe said...

Haha... you will get used to it. One good thing about hiking in HK is that it is cooler up high (esp the big peaks on Lantau and the NT) and there are often little pools and waterfalls to swim in too. You should try and drag Victor out somewhere!

8:10 am  
Blogger j a s o n said...

Victor said there were snakes out there...Which I think is Victor speak for "No Thanks."

I was reading Hiking books and the Trailwalker trail across NT today at Dymocks...looks very cool!

Hey, maybe we have time to do a wander when you are in town? I don't suppose you are too keen on shopping.

1:32 pm  
Blogger Joe said...

Yeah, actually I'd love to go out to Lantau for a day - could show you my old house :)

9:29 am  
Blogger j a s o n said...

lovely mate, are you coming to visit over a weekend??

3:32 pm  
Blogger Iqbal Khaldun said...

Sounds grand mate, good for you.

8:20 pm  

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