Friday, August 03, 2007

Hello Hong Kong! 3 August

I took Oasis Airlines, cheap cheery and good. The highlight is that they speak Cantonese throughout, as you expect, but also they use the on board cameras in the nose and undercarriage during take off, approach and landing!

It was like all those Flight Simulator games I had played, so cool! So many times you are on a flight but cant see below, but this time, the white dashes of the asphalt runway made way for the green patchwork pastures of England and melted into cloud, then arriving in China with the deep green and crystal flat glass of the South China Sea and glimpses of golden beaches, then the urban sprawl of tower blocks into HK. The Approach to landing shows you the runway sitting in the sea, like an Aircraft Carrier. Watching and experiencing a take off and touchdown was never so cool!

Its the official end of my 8 week holiday. It went so quickly!

Really look forward to making a go of HK. Wish me luck!


Blogger Keith said...

Blog already! Where are the photos of HK?!

7:43 pm  

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